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Schnitzelgaudi im Sonnblick
Schnitzelgaudi im Sonnblick


Host Andi Keipp Host Andi Keipp
The special thing about our

Schnitzel concept is the flexibility "

You as a customer can decide:

Which meat, which filling, which side dish, which size ...


Why Schnitzel "Jennerwein", "Hofer" or "Kneissl"?

Freedom fighters and poachers have always exerted a special fascination for the 
"simple people" and became folk heroes.

We thought of our schnitzel names of yours.

Mathias Kneißl 1875-1902, called Kneißl Hias, robber Kneißl or Schachenmüller-Hiasl was a Bavarian robber.

Famous allegation in the execution

'This week starts quite bad '"


Georg "Girgl" Jennerwein 1848-1877 was a Bavarian poacher.

The folk song "It was a Sagittarius in his prime" became famous.


Andreas Hofer 1767-1818 was host in the inn "Am Sand" therefore also known as the Sandwirt. As a leader of the Tyrolean uprising movement of 1809, he is considered a freedom fighter against the Bavarian and French occupation of his homeland.


This is how we make our original Wiener schnitzel:

Ingredients for Schnitzel with fried potatoes:

200g veal (topping)

100g of flour

2 eggs

100g breadcrumbs

50g butter lard

300ml vegetable oil

1 eighth of lemon

300g potatoes (mostly solid)

1 onion

Pinch of salt, pepper, marjoram

1 spoon of cranberries


1. Cook the potatoes in boiling salted water, peel and cut into thin slices.

The onion is peeled and cut into small cubes

2. The veal is cut into 1cm thick slices and tapped

3. you need 3 bowls or plates for breading. One with flour, whisked egg and breadcrumbs. The chips are first turned into flour, then pulled through the whisked egg and then placed in the bowl with bread crumbs and covered with bread crumbs. Do not press the breading, otherwise the typical wavy shape will take on the roast.

4. In a pan, heat the vegetable oil and clarified butter to about 240 degrees.

In it, the schnitzel then fried golden yellow about 2 minutes from each side.

5. At the same time fry the potato slices in another pan with a little oil.

If you have a nice roasting color you add the spices and the onion cubes.

6. Roast potatoes and schnitzel then garnish with lemon and cranberries.

Good Appetite!




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